Words of Worth

Trust is just like earthenware
You have to handle with lots of care
When broken, maybe repaired
But the break will always be there!

When your loved one's depart
From whom, you have been never apart
Be strong to say them a goodbye
Rather seek a shoulder to cry!

From words, actions do speak louder
And blood is always thicker than water
If you'd be broken and happinesses of life be gone
It's the family that will never leave you alone!

Bad times come and go
Real faces of people, it will show
Those who helped you then, you have to hold
As they are the ones, who have hearts of gold!

Daily throw away all the hate in a bin
Always keep loving your kith and kin
Doesn't matter how much hostility be in
At the end it's love that will always win!

Life in hand, is the instant you live
You never know what next, the tick will give
Cherish every moment and do not complain
The clock can never be turned back again!

Time is relative to the frames of learnings
The lessons from experience are real earnings
If you do not take in the wisdom from clock
Treasuries of life, you would never unlock!

Saima Qureshi ©️

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