Words That Mumble And Tumble


It’s in the words that make me; it’s in the words that break me.

It’s behind every comma and every verb; it’s behind each single word.

I tell silent stories that have never been told,

I make them seem young and sometimes old

I speak a language for those who can think deep

I write words that were meant to dance not sleep

I speak sensibility into the senseless

I make calm the young and the restless

I make you find reason with words that make no sense

I make you put yourself there, put you in present tense

I make and bend the words; it takes me no time

I find it so easy to explain myself in rhyme


I can’t explain words that are surreal

It is so hard to say what it means

It is even harder to say how I feel

But everyday this voice is in my head

Telling me to do so, “don’t go to bed”

I struggle, because without my words

I become silent, and I can’t speak

Then my words begin to slowly seep


If you ask me to tell you the meaning

I already have, look, it’s beaming

Like a sun that shines too bright

My meaning shines, but in the dark of the night

I can’t explain how it gets done

My poems aren’t suited for everyone

But if you want I’ll show you how

Don’t ask why, just listen now


When asked to put things together in my head

I know I have nothing but dread

For the words they mix and tumble

And in paragraphs, they are just mumbles

My thoughts are not meant to be said

My thoughts are meant to live in my head

How can you write something that’s not real?

How can you write something you do not feel?

But in poems so long and deep

These words shine through my cheeks

When I hand you papers full of words,

I’m trying to tell you they can be heard

You smile cause it’s another round

Of seeing who can find the meaning in the lines

But don’t you know, the meaning is lost in the words?

To find them is your job

I point you to them, tell you how

You must go along, start right now

It’s amazing what you can find

Don’t let them disappear, like time


Just like poems don’t always have to rhyme,

My meanings aren’t always clear

But they are here, they sing softly but clear

Only with understanding, will they open

So tell me if you don’t have the time

Cause that is perfectly fine

You’re not the first

No, it doesn’t hurt; no one can make me feel


Words flow through my skin, sinking in

Words flow through my body like tonic and gin

And if you have a doubt just come to me

Let me help you, figure it out

So don’t be afraid to say no,

Let your true colors show

Words have no meaning for those who have no time

Just don’t tell me that they are not mine

Always remember that they are here

Even though they are something you can’t hear


So if you can take the time

To gently read between the lines

You will feel enlightenment

Poems will be all that you need

Nothing more and nothing less


Gwen McDaniel

Your words moved my heart

Made me wish I were your friend

Does sharing likes and differences

make us unique?

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