Words of Love


His presence fills my days, his smile gives the perfect touch to my life he has become a habit, an addiction, and my heart has been passed with an overdose of love.


You have become my morning sun, the light that passes through my window, I thought that love never tasted as sweet as honey, but I'm told it can be cruel and cause a lot of damage as well, I declare myself crazy and crazy for your love I do not mind falling into the risk of feeling pain, I give you my heart and I trust you're not going to return it in pieces.


I'm with you though a thousand years, because I love you, what we have is strong as iron and don’t have  end as time, Yes I think our love is eternal, because you're the other part of my soul the person I expected so much .


I admit that every night before bed I think of you, I admit that in your arms I feel safe from anything that could hurt me; I admit you're the inspiration of every word of love.


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