Words That Lack to Be Written


I write to disappear.

I write to relapse.

But I also write to convalesce.

I write to drown my demons, we don't get along.

I write because I'm a goner.

I write so I won't forget.

But I don't write to be forgotten.

I write to clean my slate, to throw words into oblivion.

I write calamities, hurricanes, and mishaps.

I write because I want to be heard.

Actually, I write because I want to be listened to.

I want my words to mean something.

I want my poetry to cause emotion, to cause an affliction on your sore spots.

I want to bleed my thoughts into paper so I no longer have to carry them on my fingertips.

It's far too hard explaining to strangers why I have blood on my hands.

So, I write.

I write until I fall asleep, until dawn shakes me awake.

I write until my brain is a mixed up, messed up, empty ocean of previous tragedies.

I write until my words stop coming out as daggers.

I write, I write, I write.

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you live to write

you write to live

let your voice be heard

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