Words are Everlasting

Tue, 06/18/2013 - 13:21 -- Dorsa


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That quivering, sacred moment before pencil hits paper
That gradual, ever widening culmination
Like a soaring symphony joined in harmony with the yawning mouth of a tear-soaked wave
That charcoal smudge against pristine white
That is my oblivion
No one can know what it means to unleash these thoughts
The night-terrors of my youth
The euphoric day dreams when others indulged in the mundane
These fuel my imagination
My beloved inspirations
I dare to put them to paper
To bare them to the world
And it is like my soul is being put out for display
They are too real
They are my release from this hypocritical society
A society that is fake enough to belong between the pages of a book
While my words come to breathtaking realization
It is this release that I live for
Knowing that while people may come and go
While wars are wages
And families are broken
Loved ones are betrayed
And no one seems to find the time to listen to others
There will always be those who empower themselves
Who are not afraid to be loud
Within the volumes of a poem or book
Because when all is said and done
They know...
Words are everlasting


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

its all in how you use your words

choose your words wisely

your poem relfects the meaning of how powerful words are

great job and keep writing


I love this!!!


love it! your words are so empowering.


This was so amazing to read, it touched me in the most beautiful and thoughtprovoking way. This is wonderful, I'm really grateful that you shared it with us.


Whoa. This is phenomenal! So incredibly powerful! Love it!


Loved this so much. ✨

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