They can be bent and twisted and molded


to each and own's ear

They may offend the meek 

But to unveil the truth is what they seek 

They are an invisible force of thought, a beauty spot

On the face of civilization

They cannot quite, but can come near

to convey things such as 

Love and hope and longing and despair 

From conversations in the streets

To the hunt for the golden fleece, the kiss of peace,

To a little one's prayer

On they float and on they dance through times of war

And times of "take care"

Many shall say,

'Words are words,

Pear is to dare and bread is to lead, stare to multimillionare,

Who cares?'

These are a from of expression

They don't ask for attention

They humbly and indifferenty

Do their job, without worry of discretion 


This poem is about: 
Our world
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