Sometimes words whisper and sometimes they scream

Some people grow in castles that gleam

Some of us start much smaller than most

Some of us learn that words leave a ghost

An impression is something that words cannot fix

Some people go from everything to nix

The worst part of words is that they have us all

Slowly to rise but easy to fall

Every last syllable that leaves our lips

Imagine if you carried them all on your hips

Some are so nice and easy and light

Others weigh more when they come from a fight

Words are so easy so quick to come out

They start in our heart and leave from our snout

No matter where we begin our day

Gleaming with gold or covered with gray

Every thought that we have every last one

Can be light as feathers or weigh a ton

The words that we say without a thought

They touch those who hear them they touch them a lot

So think of the words you carry around

You can help them lift up or toss to the ground

Whether we start in halls gilded with gold

Or wake up each morning shivering with cold

All of our words they're all worth the same

Whether you're poor or riddled with fame

The weight of our words we carry them all

They'll lift us all up or cause us to fall.



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