Word Weaver's Wisdom

Thu, 08/01/2013 - 04:02 -- sbedian


Pen to paper, ink to letter,

Word to phrase, line after line,

Rhythm and rhyme, beating in time,

Meaning so fine, inspiriation mine,

Never will quit, the heart of the poet,

Starts when he knows it,

The love comes and shows it,

Realizations of the mind found in time,

Applications of the rhymes intertwine so fine,

Relaxation for those whom wise words are not so absurd,

Rather heard not to hurt but worth more than gold,

Like the singing of birds nature's stories untold,

Man's glories are how he holds to the Godliness unfolding in awestruck oneness,

Fineness and fun blessed from kindness under the sacred sun,

Shines over the mess we have in our times and tests our minds,

Once again back to words that rhyme,

Meater and measure, teachers of treasures,

Givers of pleasure of sublime word weaver's leasure.



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