word play

spit nasty like sum gross shit you wouldn't wanna taste it
hand over ya mouth i know i kill
metopors awe the mind point still
extremely blatant

them rehearsed bars
go back home n write better lines
cuz I spit so quick all prolif
evry bar straight hit
flow coming fast
like word vomit
n following after me
makes it hard to even say Shit

cuz boy on nipp I'm so prolific
third eye wide sunDriedvibes
like a hippie imma stoner
high grade smoking take a hit
I soar high moon rock
devine it be hittin
I be so uplifted
n like nipp said and
better yet I'm so gifted
might as well use the hole beat
I'm with this tongue play
im gonna slay it.

grab paper n ya pen quick
cuz only once
I'm gonna say this

listen here u half wit rappers
all dolled up on dat gay ish
talking tool game I'm so rude mane
I'm not talking I just spray clips

n no I ant stopping there cuz u ain't hearing what I'm saying
this ruger will do ya rip thru ya
hollows too bruh leave u laying
that means I'm slaying

ohhh now u peep what I'm saying
red beam aiming at ya brain
won't be no playing
we noe our vegetables don't talk
so to the Boys ain't no singing
now I noe u peep what I did there
so u noe what I'm saying
I'll bring that pain make em sang
sleep 6 feet deep won't be waking

the last time u will get to wake
will be in that room to the left
in ya momma house dressed
to impress but in a case
I Last viewing for those who knew him
n 4 family sake
ya momma will cry out... fall...ballup
and start to shake
like a overactive brain
episode like having a seizure
sobs ripping thru quake after quake
so for her sake crossing me
isn't the road u should take
so make ya decision
(click clack)
n make it wit haste
I mean ya life is at stake

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