The Word-Fisher


The Voice of his Generation

A word-fisher some may say

Occasionally heard on a radio station

He has artwork on display


He has received criticism from many

Most just don’t understand

His career started when he was twenty

He didn’t even have a band


A motorcycle accident in ‘66

He disappeared from the media

His music style didn’t intermix

You can find him in an encyclopedia


He has been around for years

And he’s still around today

His music might bring you tears

Or make you feel okay


People call him a plagiarist

You also think he’s a fake

He doesn’t know you exist

Opinions are just a mistake


He’s always done his own thing

Your thoughts are irrelevant

He’ll make your ears ring

He’s very self-indulgent


Whatever you may feel

He probably doesn’t care

It doesn’t seem ideal

But everything isn’t fair


He’s made an impact on music

A true inspiration

This isn’t a trick

There’s not a translation


A lyrical-genius or rhythm-provider

Call him whatever you want

To him your just an outsider

He has nothing to flaunt


41 albums and more to come

He isn’t stopping just yet

No matter where you’re from

He’ll make you never forget



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