Woolworth's Encounter


United States
35° 28' 49.9872" N, 78° 41' 27.3336" W

Four innocent gentlemen sat down to eat,
Approached by strangers, they would have never tried to meet.
Ordinarily the world sat back and watched
While all four of the persons were attacked, spit on, and mocked.
Fueled by the drive to claim rightful freedom and peace,
The men remained steadfast without budging the least.
A cup of coffee was all they desired,
Their basic rights being denied as the situation grew dire.
The encounter left them all bruised, worn, and tired.
Change was inevitable you see, for the movement had sparked a fire.
Their goal of equality would eventually be grasped,
Success symbolized by black and white hands clasped.



First poem guys and gals!

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