The Woods

Anchor me out to sea

Where the ocean kisses the sky

And the sun sinks into sleep

The foot prints wash away

Run with me

As the waves pound against the rocks

Pull me into the air



Opening my eyes the dim room

Encircling walls cradle the whispers of our secrets

We shared in the morning while nature slept

Tiny sunlight stretching through tree branches

I open my eyes

And the silhouette of where you once were is still on our mattress

I reach out into the dust floating into the air



The wolves tug at my limbs

Off into the woods

Dragging across the pine needles and leaves

Trickling knives





Flames enlight the night sky

No stars are seen

In the darkness

The moon hides underneath the blankets

Scared to move

Scared to breathe


Open my eyes to the darkness

The flames caught the forest

The ashes spread into the air

Replacing the stars hidden

Waltzing into the night












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