The Wonders of Performance

Sat, 10/04/2014 - 12:23 -- Jay Riv



Flashing, beaming, blinding, multicolored, bright…

This is what I zone in on, when I take the mic tonight.


The applause and cheers fading into a soothing hum.

My heartbeat becomes in sync with the kick drum.


Blood rushes through my veins, with every lick and run.

Adrenaline racing… yet my body is num.


The stage floor throbs, as if it is alive.

The keys harmonize with me; the music is my drive.


Able to communicate my feelings, I connect with the masses.

Catharsis fills the room, as every lyric passes… through my tongue.

I feel alive and young!


Floating across the stage this summer night,

Free, empowered, and laden with might.


It’s my passion, my joy- my one true doting.

The thing I love most: singing… performing. 


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