Wonderous Ability

Though dismal lies are often told, 

and darkness shrouds what life may hold, 

there is a light for every dark,

there is a warm for every cold.


Though pain and suffering is all you know,

There is a high for every low, 

So please don't fret, just rejoice,

This torturous illness is soon to go.


The things we endure, 

the murky places in which we venture,

the odyssey to great heights beyond,

it all amazes me for sure.


To hit such a phase so obscured in distress,

to walk off the path into what is less,

we drop to where we cannot rise, 

Yet somehow we can still find happiness.


Our limits are higher than we can see,

Even if we fall to as low as one can be,

There is truly nothing holding us down, 

And that is what amazes me...

This poem is about: 
Our world


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