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The world is a super-fleeting-rundown place

You look around and think,

Just for a moment what have I got here.

Trash-upon-pollution with nothing in-between

Its suffocating me

The air has never been breathable it’s a lie,

It’s always been a lie

What would it be to take but a measly-little-five-seconds-from-our-run-down lives to pick up a piece of garbage?

There once was a young girl,

Who believed in the goodness in others,

Who believed that we could still be saved.

She had like-you-couldn’t-believe imagination

She wanted what was best for the world and she tried.

That little girls name was Alice.

And because she lived in a world so disgusting and rundown she created her own

Where flowers would talk and rabbits would wear waist coats and have pocket watches.

Because of what we have created a world not worth saving,

Alice had to create her own

Because even though her world was lost in dirty-garbage-cans-over-flowing-with-the-filth-of-our nation

She believed in the people

And so she told people about it; this magical getaway she had created

In whispers and stories so that we all would want to go to this enchanted place;

And we do.

Because why stay and fix the problems we have created, what we have destroyed for all future generations,

Just take-a-leap-of-faith feet first down the rabbit hole,

And if you truly believe and if you are true of heart

You see a little girl,

Who has been there all these years,

Who will welcome you by just saying:

“Welcome to Wonderland.”


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