A Wonderful World?

Thu, 03/31/2016 - 21:07 -- cfa1998

Louis Armstrong originated the phrase “What a wonderful world”,

but can that still be applied to this generation’s teenage boys and girls?

Where many try to reach the American Dream,

of a nice house, beautiful wife, wonderful kids, and their son on a sports team.

Your mind believes that this world is run of the mill,

but awaken from your daydream and take the red pill.

With the population rising and jobs depleting,

Dog eat dog takes on a more gruesome meaning.

Where people are taking jobs they would have originally passed,

and one awful decision could be their last.

With many working long hours for minimum wage,

despite some of them being past their retirement age.

A mother returns home from working a double shift,

plopping onto her bed unable to lift...

Her sore legs and arms that have been working all day,

to earn the minimum wage that her boss pays.

There is no other way to earn the money she needs,

because she has two boys she has to feed.

She cannot stand to see her children grow hungry,

because it hurts her more than the back-breaking work she does to earn money.

Last time I checked food does not appear in the refrigerator whenever one wants,

it needs to be bought with the money earned by one’s parents.

That same story occurs to families spread throughout the globe,

even inside my own family’s home.

Which makes me question Mr. Armstrong’s words,

because how can anyone see this “wonderful” world,

with it’s trees of green and red roses too,

when that person is too busy shining someone else’s shoe.

When they spend most of the day cleaning someone else’s room.

When they can barely find the time to whistle such a tune,

because if they slack off they may be out of a job soon.

It makes me wonder how will I fare in this cruel reality.

Will I just be a stepping stone for a person seeking a higher salary?

With an achilles heel the size of my back,

and no shield to guard me while I am under attack.

Where I could shake someone’s hand this very day,

only to have them later stab me in the back and I cry out “Et tu, Brute?”

I look for a moment where the weight of the world is off my shoulders and I feel relief,

so I can finally enjoy Mr. Armstrong’s red roses and green trees.

As I am pulled into the quicksand trap that is my defeat,

a distinct hand pulls me up as I see numerous pairs of feet.

I see a chain of family and friends all together pulling me out of my hole,

because they want the best for me as a collective whole.

They know my work, my determination, and my drive have carried me so far,

so they pull me out of the hole and out of the dark…

Belief that I am a stepping stone for someone else’s success,

without ever believing I had a chance at success.

With the support of my family and friends I can make it in this world,

and I realize that I failed to notice that it is people who support me that make it a wonderful world.


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My family
Our world
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