The Wonderer


United States
38° 32' 46.7232" N, 85° 47' 50.6904" W

On the trip of life there was a wondering soul,
Looking for her purpose was her goal.
Long brown hair and curious eyes,
She’s very independent, on not many she relies.
Trying to see the good in everyone around,
But some people it’s hard, is what she’s found.
Confiding in her family when she’s feeling low,
Learning from their advice has helped her grow.
She understand that bad times don’t last,
And she leaves her troubles in the past.
Planted on her face is usually a smile,
Trying not to stay sad for more than while,
Looking for her purpose of life, and not looking back,
She often wonders if she’s on the right track.
Saving people’s lives is what she plans and wants to do,
Even if it’s one life, or hopefully two.
Not giving up or settling for less,
Because she knows she can be full of success,
Determination is with what she beams,
One day she will accomplish all of her dreams.


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