Have you ever seen the wonder

That brightens a child’s face?

In front of a huge plexi-glass window


Wide eyes, innocently bright,

Absorbing everything

And not blinking for a second in fear

Of missing any moment?

Pudgy fingers pressed close,

Head frozen

In a tilted gaze.

Mouth gaping as fish

Whiz by in a beautiful symphony.


Have you ever seen the awe

Of a mother’s face?

As she sits a few feet away, watching

Not the colorful fish,

But the small child in front of her,

Hardly breathing

For fear

Of interrupting this precious moment.


Thank you to the ocean

For providing wonder and places to explore.

To my parents

For being my inspiration.

To my friends

For helping me stand strong.

And lastly, to Wonder,

For nurturing my curiosity.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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