Wed, 08/31/2016 - 15:03 -- riosmar

Strong women are what we want to be.

For they have no fear to chase what they believe in.


I know strong women.

I know the women who worked harder than thought possible to be more than just a woman.

I know the women who fought to be free beyond doubt.

I know the women who fought to vote.

I know the women who left the familiar to reach for opportunities not for herself but for her child

Her child still so oblivious and naive to the reality of the cruel world, she still sits in awe for it's not till she's much older that she realizes that porcelain dolls aren't meant to wonder.

Porcelain dolls stand and are admired for their beauty.

So fragile, put in a box to be viewed but nothing else

But woman, you are no porcelain doll.

You are everything, yet nothing intertwined in a cosmic explosion of light and darkness.

A random collection of atoms.

Atoms arranged for purpose

Stronger than you could ever know.

Those hateful eyes and creepy hands that reach for you only fear what you are




Show them the power within you.

Show them all that you can accomplish

Don’t let them box you in

Don’t let the porcelain doll swallow you up till you are no longer you


Strong women have led

Strong women have raised you

Strong women is what you’re destined to become


I know strong women for I am one.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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