The woman I've become

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 10:57 -- slisier

Sitting in my bathroom, i read a positive pregnancy test. 17 years old is all I am with a future ahead of me. Part of me is sad and disappointed in myself because of the hurt this will bring to my parents hearts. Evidently so was joy. I always wanted to be a parent. But a good one. One who can work in the day and come home and play with the kids in the evening and have a hot meal prepared for them at night. Attentive is what I wanted to be. Smart is what I wanted to be. But how can I demonstrate all of these attributes as a teen mom? All I can see is government assistance, riding a bus, and quitting school to pursue dead end jobs. What do I do? Kill my first child thats growing inside of me? Or do I face the consequences that I have bought into my own life? I decide to be a mother. But be the one everyone thinks I cant be. Be the parent that goes to work during the day. Goes to college in the evenings. See my son every morning and every night. Spend as much quality time with him as possible.Thats the parent I m going to be for the next few years to better his future. This sacrafice I will make with him will make me a stronger person and a stronger mother. Demetrius, mommy may not be perfect but know that mommy is trying. This is my life and im taking it as it comes.


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