The Wolf Pass Ana M King Hillsborough County

The Wolf Pass by AM King

In spring’s horse ride through the mountainous pass,

Early morning’s dusted  with snow that fell.

The horses uneasy, picked up a smell,

Became more unsettled in the crevasse.


Above us laying flattened on a ledge,

Two dark  wolves stalked us from their rocky perch.

Silent , their nose up, for our scent they searched.

The pass scrolled out then between two walls wedged.


Steady reins led horses through the narrows.

Into a snow filled bucket shaped hollow .

Dismounting into the snow we wallowed.

Until we found the paths marker arrows.


Our two stalking wolves on haunches followed.

Scooting on rocks with stealthy silent paws,

Hiding the intent of powerful jaws.

No boundary, horse or man hallowed.


Finally we reached a small  verdant bluff.

Closer and closer the two wolves stalked us,

Separated by a bridging rock truss,

We could see  hackles raising on their scruff.


The pine trees were coated with clinging snow,

Riders brushing branches covered in white.

Two wolves behind the  tree line, out of sight.

Six crows land on the path as the winds blow.


An elk herd grazes through the frozen field,

As we approach a descending  cleared path.

Wolves are there ready to start a bloodbath.

We’re all thankful and sad for the elk shield


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