The Wolf Howl


The Wolves Howl with such might

They Howl with Bravery

They Howl to show their Power

They Howl to show that they will Protect their Pack

I wish I could Howl

Just like the Wolves

To show that I'm not Timid

I want to Howl so they know

I am not Fragile

To show that I have Power

I have Might and I am Brave

That I can lift those who have fallen

And save those who weep

I wish I could Howl

So I can reassure the ones I love

That I can Protect them

That they need no Fear

So they know I can Lead them

Out of the Darkness

But I don't need to Howl

I am a Wolf at Heart and in Soul

I am Strong

I am Brave

And my Pack knows

I will Protect them

Because a Wolf doesn't need to Howl

They prove their Strength


And Love

Through Actions and Sacrifice

And even though I cannot Howl

I am a Wolf at heart and in Soul


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