The early morning of this day,

I never imagined it would start this way,

My phone rings the joy of a friend,

My sleepy smile  slowly descends.


His silent cries were painful to hear,

I can't phantom what he had to endear,

I sit up in shock,

A quick glance at the clock,

And ask,

"This happened right now? How!?".


I comfort him on our call to school,

What I had to hear wasn't cool,

The pain and hurt seeped deep,

My facade of confidence turned into a weep,

I couldn't believe it,

Who would do this shit?


The counselor thought is was a dream,

A tall and handsome young man living the extreme,

Why should bad things happen to the good,

Terrible ass childhood,

Parents who thought you were no good,

All to receive this,

Like his worth valued that of a cup of piss?


My  heart is still breaking as I write this,

To have heard a story of rape ain't bliss,

Regardless of what gender you prefer,

Don't mistake a "NO" for a damn slur,

It's disgusting that this is still so real,

If this happened to you how would you feel?


If you receive some sort of fucked up satisfaction from taking advantage of others,

This is a special place for your body to rot,

With your like-minded sisters and brothers,

Hopefully to rid the world of such an evil plot.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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