Without a Voice


You hear them whisper,
Slick & sly.
They glare with gazing eyes,
As you glide on by.
You stand presentable and trying to be proud;
Knowing you’re the focus of the crowd.

Your every step is deliberate and defined.
To make sure
No hateful, horrific, or hurtful thought could come across their mind.
You pace yourself
To keep in time.
Making no movement that will attract an eye.

Still with these precise and perfect motions,
They come up with these notions.
Saying names to make you feel ashamed, giving you the blame,
But you don’t go up in flames.

You smile pretty innocent and shy,
Even though you have no friend to confide.
You will never ever let a tear leave your eye,
You will not let them see you cry.
You can not let them know
Of your lonely nights spent home;
Laying in obscure darkness.

Desperately looking for an answer.


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