Without A Sound

WithOut A Sound

Everyone has their own definition of hell.

Luckily mine is not as bad as others,

But it is as painful and upsetting

I am now a very happy, loving, and caring person.

But I cannot forget strong.

That is my dictionary definition.

People tend to come and go in my life.

I don’t show that I care.

I just stay strong,

At night I cry in my pillow to get rid of frustrations,

But no one seems to notice.

But I don’t care to show it.

People see me as this happy, loving, and caring person,

But they don’t see my weakness.

Again, I stay strong.

Besides being my own rock,

I am everyone else's.

I cannot crumble and break down,

Because everyone else will too.

So, I stay strong for not only myself,

But everyone else too.

Everyone has their own definition of hell.

Everyone’s is different than others.  

I just live with my hell by staying strong,

And doing it without a sound.

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