Without A Path

How must he feel right now
Not good enough
Why would anyone deny him
A simple thing such as entry
To the place of his dreams
The school he had hoped for
So long his goal
All the work
All the time
All the hope
Down the drain
Like his spirit
How could any other kid
Be better than he
So his grades weren’t as high as theirs
Why does that matter so much
I know his hert is bigger
I know he would have been succeful
He would have been
Now what
Try again?
Easier said then done
Broken spirits don’t heal that easy
Wounds don’t vanish like that
Now he is hurt
Without a path
He walked down a dead end
And now he has no clue where to turn
As a result
He may turn to bad things
To false pleasures
To make himself forget the pain
How is that a sound descision?
If only things were different
If only he had been accepted
He had all the hope in the world
But then
In a blink of an eye
That hope deserted him
Abandoned him
In the road of life
Without a path to take


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