Without My Mask


Abuse is like a dream.
You wake up with confusion.
Wondering why this happened to you?
It seems too bad to be true.
Thinking he loves you, but he stoled so much from you.
He feels you with fear to keep it to yourself.
You hear, "You will ruin the family."
He blames it on you.
You feel helpless and alone.
Wishing someone could come through the door.
But suddenly, it feels normal.
Still wondering," Who could I turn to?"
You realize that is God.
Reading the word,
Understanding it is wrong,
Not how God planned it,
He gives you the courage to say,"No!" 
Even if it didn't work, you kept on praying.
Believing that God will rescue you,
Waiting on God, you got closer to Him.
He gives you strength, but you still feel like it's your fault.
Realizing God sees it all,
Praying for forgiveness, but God knows it is not your fault.
Asking God to make it stop.
Answering your prayer on August 26, 2012.
Giving you a message on getting rid of your baggage, 
Telling you, "It's time my child, let it go."
Giving you bravery and courage, to tell your best friend, the youth pastor's daughter.
He rescued you that day.
Afraid of your mom knowing, afterwords she tells you, "I love you!"
Learning that God sees you white as snow.
Seeing you as beautiful and pure.
He is your strength.
Through healing, he gives you forgiveness.
Learning that God does all things for good.
Not understanding why this happened to you,
Realizing this was Satan not God.
Remembering Romans 8:28
Which states, "and we know that in all things God works for the good of all those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose."
Learning God will use the abuse for good,
Realizing he has a plan for your life,
Giving God all the praise and glory.
Knowing he is going to use you for His kingdom,
Through God, you can overcome this.
Being strong and victorious.
That will be me one day.
I was abused at 12 until 16 years old.
Don't judge me for my past.
Look at who I am now and becoming.
My name is Faith Norman.
This is my story.
I kept my eyes on Jesus.
God's word taught me that the truth will set you free.
Now I am as free as a bird.
Thank God, there are no more chains on me.
He rescued me! 
Hallelujah, praise God!
For I am free! 
This is my testimony, and this is me.
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