Without Him

Without him life would hold no meaning. 

I swear it had to be divine intervening. 

That brought him to me in my time of need

His kindness brought clarity and planted a seed.

It blossomed into something unexpected,

something magical and unrelenting.


He is my rock, my raft at sea.

My other half, my missing piece. 

The reason I get up every day,

The reason my demons don't lead me astray. 

To leave him behind, to be without.

Well, that would be the worst kind of hell.


I could survive anything,

Death by means of fire and flame.

Losing everything, starting over,

Any invasion or hostile takeover.

As long as he is by my side

I will take any hardship in stride.


Without him I would be nothing

To lose him would be completely crushing.

He is the one thing I need to survive,

In his arms I am free to thrive.

My soul sings, my heart soars

When I look at this man I completely adore.

He builds me up to my full potential

And his place in my life is completely essential. 






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