Without a Flaw

Sitting, watching, model like girls,

Strut in front of me with tight bouncy curls.

Perfect legs and tiny waists,

Seamlessly flawless face.


I can't help, but judge myself,

Touching all my frizzy hair.

Chubby thighs and rounded waist,

A new pimple forming on my face.


To think that I could be like them,

Cutting my diet to leaves and teas,

Jogging all day and waking early.

Painting my face like a coloring page.


I can't deny, I wish I was flawless.

To wake up looking like Beyonce.

To wash my face and be unblemished.

To walk out in the morning and look undamaged.


But then I catch a glimpse of my flawed reflection,

Pulling the spoon I hold closer to my face,

I notice how my frizzy hair frames my face.

How my flawed face glows in the day.


How cute my nose wrinkles up,

Without a pile of powdered makeup caving in.

And how my hourglass shape

Fits perfectly in the chair.


I also realized how good pancakes taste doused with honey,

And how sleeping in is a gift

Sitting there, watching model like girls trudge along.

I have realized I am perfect, just the way I am.









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