Within us

Fri, 06/11/2021 - 19:01 -- mrapook

God who created the earth and sky
the deepest seas and the highest peaks
turned over the reins to Mother Nature
to keep earth healthy and not let it die.

She had Her reasons to let darkness protrude
through ominous skies and violent winds
destroying lands and lives under His watchful eye,
He had done His part and would not intrude.

neither man or soul can take control
away from Her earthly deeds
every so often She needs to dismantle
the construction of man’s eternal roll.

It aways makes us question Her reasons
yet we always seek a higher power for help,
He trusts the acumen of Her actions
organizing weather for the seasons.

after the darkness of Her storm
destruction eventually passes
She rebuilds all the vacant fissures,
bringing back land to a better form.

man created a martyr, to ask
for a response to guide the way
it was never His intention for this to be,
it’s  within each of us to handle the task.

there must be confidence in His glory
no need for symbols to pray upon Him,
we have the power to advance ourselves
with love He bestowed us,
                  to survive and continue His story.

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