Within reach

Dear White People,Born to love and not to hate.I see a goal that’s not up for debate.Growth is nothing but and allusion, When all you do is jump to conclusion.Hung, beaten, separated, shot!Just as long as I didn't take your spot.Intimidated and threatened Only trying to teach a lesson.That black’s not better than blueSo if we act up enough, we'll soon get the clue.Why must everything be so violent?To were being a different color classifies you as being un-defiant .You never meant to set us free,Because now we have to request for a plea.Over Sentenced instead of overworkedJust a modern day version of how the system really works.Fooled into thinking there's justice for all!When the only “all” they really meant was for you all.Isn't this apart of my freedom of speech?To have the right to be able to preach,If you read between the lines, you just might open your eyes.To something that's bigger than discriminationTo something that consumes this whole nationThe absence of true love for one another.Is true equality a real thing? Sometimes I wonder Convinced that things won't change.Oh no! I think the target is in range.Hope, freedom, & peaceUntil he pulled the trigger, because he was the police.*BOOM*Silence… another hashtags went outOf a young boy that was a high school dropout.It was in the palm of my hand!Until it slipped away into wonderlandLife's not fair, but in today's day in age Who really cares?We shout #BLACKLIVESMATTERBut fail to realize we're only one step up the latter.Isn't this apart of my freedom of speech? To speak on a topic that's barely within reach.Who knows I might be the next hashtag.Flooding social media as if I'm a yellow flag.Meant to break us down, but instead united all shades of brown.Beautiful, brilliant, & bodacious Couldn't tell that to any racist.That we’re all one. Stop thinking you're being outdone. Born to love and not to hate.So let's stop all this foolishness before it's too late. Some think it's impossible to achieve, But I beg to differ, it's what you choose to believe.That black’s not better than blue Where'd the competition come from?Let's think this through.Did it come from not valuing our lives?Or from choosing who lives, and who dies?Life shouldn't be set up that way.Acting like all of our problems have been solved like screenplay.If we quit all this bluffing maybe we'll minimize all this handcuffing.So love one another,Instead of judging solely on color.You think I'm playing but just listen to what I'm saying.Isn't this apart of my freedom of speech? To speak on a topic that could be within reach.                     -Yours truly, Christina Rambo 

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My community
My country
Our world
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