Within and Without


It is sometimes said that happiness comes from within,
a sort of promise, like a freedom from our sin,
but joy stems from another place,
separate from our own sacred space.

It comes from the sunshine reflecting off of leaves,
and when your dalmatian lies on you and breathes,
that first lick of ice cream when the heat sticks you to the floor,
or when a stranger lingers just to hold the door.

My joy comes from snow flakes fallen,
dusted bumble bees and pollen,
show tunes shouted with friends in glee,
and little babies sleeping peacefully.

A long, trekked for sunrise seen at dawn,
and little budding dew drops peppering the lawn,
when the store has vanilla, who knew 
that I can get it for 10 cents off too!

My joy stems from others as they go about their days
touching souls, like handshakes, each time they say:
"I feel like I can go on no longer,
yet through your friendship, I feel stronger.”

Yes, happiness is a light from the soul,
the final piece, making our puzzled minds whole.
It starts inside ourselves, but now that it’s grown,
go and reap the pleasure that you have sown.


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