Sat, 09/27/2014 - 01:55 -- elvira


something i thought for a while now, 
is why we strive for fame
afraid to lose popularity, afraid to be alone.

But in reality, its for security
our selfishness and pridefullness
we try and strive to fulfill our deepest desires
replacing God with this world
our hearts aching for meaning and purpose in life.
but we forget 
and ignore and bury it deep down
that God is what we need

Mistaking our desires as a need for drugs,
for fame, or money.
Getting lost and confused,
trying to find who we really are.


we look up to the world
as if it promises true joy and satisfaction
thinking we have enough
but always want more
why we love kind words
but hate the truth
all the glamour
lies and pain within

we dont think enough or not at all
about the after death part we often forget.

all the fame the money, your popularity
will be gone and lost
once your face to face with death

dont get sucked into society
and forget God
although you may have
he never did
even when he was nailed to the cross of wood
he thought of you
seek his friendship and love
no one can ever replace what he has done 
for you and me
he offers more than the world
can ever give
and something we should all want
and what we all need.






Something i have been thinking about, seeing how everyone has a different path in life but we all end up doing the same thing, and that is dying.

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