The Withering Sea

Thu, 08/06/2020 - 21:17 -- Kbliss

My love

in my blood

get out for I

Do not wish to have you

nor more, your psycopathic ways

the way you bore into me

i had hoped you would get lost at sea

but just like a siren

my love to you, left the legacy of a queen

i lured you in with my thoughts and feels

but they are not free

but you left me for me

far into the sea

thoughts being forgotton

between the black folds of sand

of time 

oh, how i loved thy

oh how i cherished the touch

with your after-work rough hands

take me back to a place where it is I and You

our hearts as fast as a hummigbirds wing

take me back to the way I use to look it the mirror

my hair like the waves

swaying looking into the eyes of the sea

oh how i loved thy

oh how i loved me




something tangable like a fabric

ready to be shaped into something magnificent

just like the summers heat

you mold me into something new

to be or not to be in someones grasp

haunted me night by day

but now, oh won't you leave me be

oh how you've taken ever peice i wanted to keep

oh how i am done withering in the sea

for it has made me forget me

and i am the sea.

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