Withering Beauty

Wed, 09/18/2013 - 19:22 -- kaylarp

She has beauty on the outside but not on the inside,

She believes herself ugly, though she knows that it's not right.

The scale tells her 103 but she needs 99,

The longer she goes on she loses beauty on the outside.

Nothing more than skin and bones, she gives loved ones a good fright,

More than once she's tried to stop but she just gives up her fight.

Her legs are fat, her stomach bunches, but only in her sight,

It started with some comments that were anything but kind.

She has a shrinking body fed by not a bite,

Her stomach roars with much ferosity, making her cry.

Soon enough she'll dissapear when she turns to the side,

She'll quick be long lost, you'd better say goodbye.



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