The Witches Tale

Sat, 05/18/2013 - 11:38 -- 12lanee


United States
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Footsteps hit the ground, the drum strumming wildly
The hunters quota hang in the air
Lightening crackles defiantly in the trees
"Catch those witches have no fear"

Magic sparkles and the leader shouts
"Earth element protect us!"
Gun shots. The beating grows
quicker, the witches staffs grows stiffer
Enemies of the GamayaTelise!
"A human is dead, the deed is done"

"Make the hunters 'fraid', make them run!"
The preacher, man by day, god by night
Evil lurks behind the sun
His fingers produce the magic
needed for the unnerving fight
Here the hunters finally come, death on sight

Blood spills as the drums beat louder
The hunters rifles are ready, full of smoke
The witches spells cast the skies with clouds
"To cover our steps when we attack"
the preacher screams
The blanket of destiny unraveling at the seams

The war has begun. bullets shot
The preacher stands strong
"Make them run, now they are not a lot!"
he shouts
The final blow and the preacher falls
Here is what he said with his last breath, the hunters winning
"Death for us is only the beginning!"

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