You were
the soul
of which mine believed
they were created together

You were the fortress
in whose walls I was free
to drop any armor,
to stop spying behind my back,
to openly reveal all of my secrets,
getting back warm echoes of understanding

I am left alone, now

You, have left me alone,
to roam in this world,
your mind never giving birth
to even the most feeble thought
about me,
about what I would ever do,
without you by my side!

You were always here,
now by my side,
to support me
when my feet hurting too much to walk,
and now walking right before me,
to lead me on the right path
by letting me step
on your dear footsteps

Blinded by my tears,
I wander on this world
and wonder which path to take
without you,
my northern star

Will I fall in a precipice of darkness?

If only I could hear your voice
to save me again,
when the silence of solitude crushes me!

I hesitate,
in calling your name
when the wind blows stronger
and reaches the pillars of the world

I shiver with fear,
in sending you carrier pigeons
to bring you my messages,
just a simple 'please, my love, come back!'

For I don't wanna loose you...
not permanently

I desire,
under the sunlight
and in the secret of the night,
we could talk again
like in the good, old days

I crave
we were still be together

I wish
my Fate was
to get back my love,
my secrets' keeper

I wish you would come  back
in my life

but it's only a wish

Is it?
    :- Mohammad Mazarib

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