The Wise and Common Man

A Wise Man is the Common Man; and the common be the wise

One sits lavished in a chair, while the other bites back at his demise

You cannot say this is not true; for a strong truth brings the lie

And while the 'wisest' of men sit content, the other banks and dies

Now if I asked you which man was wiser

I might expect half of the population to anwser the first

But this other half would disagree

For the second learned and found wisdom in the moments of his worst--

Such a troubling problem: this wise and common man

One has fortunein his hand, while the other struggles for a plan

Both high and low notes of a chord, but together single out the band

Yet the wise man is still the common man, and the common is the wise

Because soon one will fall from his chair, and the other start to rise

You cannot say it is not true; for Fate turns the tides and pays it back in full

You can say, these men were two different people, but from me you might be ridiculed--

For these men are different but the very same--

After all, man is simply not complete, without both its sides as a whole.

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Our world


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