Wisdom of 25 to When

Even as you sit, 25 to when?

A lifer, as you call it, still provides me with wisdom from inside the cage

”Still the cage bird sings” is very true

You’ve been the distributor of wise words now let me be to you


Even as you sit, 25 to when?

You made time now and you made time then

The advice was all the same but at least it’s implemented into my brain

I know your sweet songs and I sing along when I can

Sitting for life never made you any less of a man


Even as you sit, 25 to when? 

You still guide me from my outside looking in

You are a lifer, never getting out

Still you advise so I can avoid that route

You raised me as best as you could 

Now you teach me just as you should 


Even as you sit, 25 to when? 

I know you’ll win. 

I’ll see you when.


This poem is about: 
My family


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