Winter's War

Once upon a time...


Not so very long ago

Before the wind had come to blow

A girl who lived with long blond hair

Came to finally see the snow.


To her delight, and her mother's fright

She fell in love at first sight.

She laughed and smiled more in time

And then the final bell hath chimed.


The snow has gone, and no more shall come

Until the winters war is finally done.

Fairy's flew and ogres galore

But no more shall the earth be fun.


Months went by without a sight

And she finally decided to give up the fight.

But the boy with sea blue eyes

For the girl he loves shall get a surprise.


He went out without a word

Told her to wait till the sunrise

That he would always be there for her

and to always look at the skied.


Days went by, hours, weeks

And he went out to seek.

He fought and fought the winter's war

Until he cried out, nevermore.


The war was won, but her heart was none

The snow has come, and shall stay 

But the love between the boy and girl

Shall live forever in the heart of the day.

And in the winter's war.

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