Winter's Snowy Blanket

Behold! A wonder! A sight to be seen!
Children, eyes twinkling, out of their windows lean,
Shoppers halt in the midst of their hasty tracks,
And pause a moment to gaze up at what has passed,
A momentous occasion, to be sure, has occurred,
A common wonder, an expected phenomenon, the seasons have stirred,
For, at last, as the signs of autumn have foretold,
Winter has arrived, and with it, snow!

 A brilliant blanket of soft silky white,
The glimmering snow falls during the night,
And in the morning, when all awake,
Surprise is universal, for surely it is a mistake,
Nothing so pure could exist in this world,
Yet there it is, being packed and hurled,
Bringing resounding laughter despite the aches,
And all the while, the sky is veiled with delicate snowflakes

 Everything familiar, in a night, disappears,
Forests of barren trees transform into unexplored frontiers,
Even the roofs shimmer with snow,
Lighting up the towns with a glow.


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