Winter is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Winter time has come at last

It's time to play, forget the past

We'll jump in the rain and play in the snow

When we'll come home, nobody knows


We'll build a snowman, we'll slide down a hill

We'll tumble and fall and take a big spill

The clouds are all gloomy, dark and wet

We'll get some more rain I'm willing to bet


We'll sip some hot chocolate and play by the fire

And do whatever our hearts desire

The hot fire heated our hands

As we looked out the window at all the land


The snow was falling as soft as a feather

In the blistering cold harsh weather

The falling snowflakes shine like stars

From up above, so very far


We'l all go to bed awaiting a story

About St. Nick and all his glory

Soon we'll doze off, sound asleep

In our heads we'll be counting sheep


Winter is the most wonderful time of the year

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