A Winter Day

Wed, 11/30/2016 - 10:01 -- Dpaap14

The cold bite of the wind from the due east,

overwhelming even the toughest man.

A white wall of frost, a forbidding beast,

to overcome this wall one needs a plan.

This winter beast, although, cannot be tamed.

Can be soft as a kitten, a warm shawl,

but as the wind bites, man's limbs can be maimed.

But cover up and it is a joy for all.

Fluffy blanket covering all the ground,

time for sledding as the white flakes whisk by,

and making snowmen with body so round.

Snowball fights until it is a dark sky.

The snowstorm is done, the fun has been had.

A snowstorm has good, but also some bad.

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Our world


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