Forfeit the winter

Forfeit the snow

Forefit the bitter and the cold


Build your houses

Where foliage spontaneously grows

Where winds of wild ambition blow 


You will not find your fantasy behind oak doors

You cannot chase the echos of feathers

Falling on marble floors

You search for meaning in the truth

Did it ever occur that the perspiration of lies

Told you more than the admissions ever do?


I am enveloped in freezing rain

I am weak and so is my flame

In time I will emerge from my cocoon

Damp and cold when the skies bloom


Then I will know hardship of the flora

When it is reborn in a spring chorus

I will chip the ice from my frost bitten limbs

The pheonix I am will ignite again


You may be so weak you run for cover

But I will welcome the overcast comfort of winter



Wonderful sense imagery. :) I have shivers


This was really nice! I enjoyed reading it

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