Wings of a Broken Angel


Insecure little girl

with a heart made of glass,

shattered to pieces,

she prays for a sign


her favorite bands

keep her in line,

they give her the therapy

she needs to survive


Never again will she trust in herself


Searching for heaven

she got lost in herself,

with no one to guide her

she sits down and waits


in need of a friend

she turns it up,

her favorite song

that means so much


Never again will she believe in herself


She's horrified, and stranded

in the darkness of her life,

"What did I do to deserve this?"


set her free


Alone with her sorrows

in the bone numbing cold,

"Please, help me through this."


set me free



You can see me in white

walking down the streets,

you can judge all you want,

but you don't know the story

behind my wings


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