Seeing this lingerie lie on the bed,

filled me, consumed me, alive in my head.

Each touch. Each kiss. Sweet memories of bliss. Flooded my being in sexual mist.

I'm carried away by the sensual lure. The warmth of our bodies. Hungry. Unexplored.

Your lips. Your breath. That heat in your legs. I'm caught between favorites as you undress.

You slowly teasing peel away each layer to the floor. My lovely rose her naked stem is now to be explored. 

Her graceful beauty heaven's lair. Erotic castle, rooms to bare. Each hallway hides to her sexual throne.

Explosions of pleasure and passionate moans. Into her rhyhm I fall like a boat. Where she is the captain

guiding us both. On into the storm. Each pleasure, each wave. Engulfing us both in the storms that rage. 

We slowly sink down. Onto ocean floor. The tempest has passed. Her cravings no more.



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