The Windows


United States
40° 16' 48.0972" N, 74° 20' 49.2612" W

For the first time, the windows open
Staring at the strange lights surrounding
Afraid of the big bright world

The windows adjust slowly
Taking in all the sights of people and grass
The sun and the sky with the moon and the stars

In the early morning, the windows open to the world
Let the sunlight in and survey the view
Close again to savor the fragrance of the scene

The windows see joy and observe the land
Survey the new and ever changing times
Watching other windows with the same bold light as its own

When the thunder sounds, the latches tremble
Bracing themselves against the brutal storm
Never yielding until the evil tempest is past

Opens a crack, and quickly slams shut again
The troubles are not over yet
The window holds still in the trials

Fearing for the things it does not want to see
Squeezes shut until the gentle breeze flows
To whisper that the worst is gone

The sights that the windows see true
They cry with sorrow, they cry with joy
The windows enlighten the mind to see all

At life’s end, the windows are old
The shutters are worn with the lines of life
And they finally close shut, for the last time…


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