Winding River

At times, flowing graciously

When in reality, the destination is a mistery.

Entitled to execute responsibilities,

Without question-supporting others dutifully.

The precious form of life prepares for its destiny-

As none other than known with the qualities of a Pisces.


From the mountains to the delta;

It appears to be a long, merry way.

Not only enjoying the immense discoveries during the travel,

But allowing the opportunity for others to thrive off of the thrill.

As rain drops drip and form a doubtfully dreary dance upon the surface of it,

Accepting with ease, it scurries along to open up its streams-

In eager hopes of being given the chance to expand and grow,

Explore potential journeys and dreams.


The waves brush the shores,

Confident and determined forevermore.

Without the intention of damaging others along the bay,

It vows only to use nature to help others on the way-

Striving to provide a form of First Aid.

Although never anticipating the extent of the rocks and sediments found puncturing its path,

It dares to prepare for the life-forms creating wrath.


Sea green: its color of choice.

At a glance containing none other than the twinkling hazel eyes of the creature

In its reflection,

Never disregarding its roots

Or the force that drives the passion.






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