Wind Powered Soul

The sun's warmth dances

on my freckled face.

I close my eyes and 

feel the breeze play with my hair.

An old rock tune blares out

of the open car window and 

an exhilarating breeze rushes in 

as I smile lazily at the clouds.

A storm is rushing in on the horizon.

That once gentle breeze is long gone. 

A strong current whips my hair back.

The only comfort left is home.

I am on roller skates,

slightly unsteady as I gain speed

but the breeze behind me

makes my soul fly.

A cold chill rushes through

my warm, red jacket. 

I can feel the cold wind

push deep in my core.

The wind blows through

the tunnel around me.

I breathe in. I breathe out.

I am alive!

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