The Wind that Meets the Bridge half way

Thu, 06/13/2019 - 15:53 -- odyssey

Vagabond with no hope or future

heading down the road stoping only to rest and reflect

gaining knowledge as the time flies by. And as the name suggest he doesn't stay for long 

Walking down the road that hits a bridge 

under it an abyss that carries the souls of the defeated

"if ye dare to cross"  was etched in to the sign. The Vagabond without a worry, ten paces 

aahead of the sign walked slowly 

Thats when time flew by again and crash in to the young man, combined with the wind sudden and mysterious

had him hanging off the bridge like its other countless victim.

as he was being dragged down a helpful hand aided the young man on the right path 

and now the bridge is nothing more than a memory

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Our world
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